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Inside Out 2 Cake Topper Featuring Anxiety

Inside Out 2 Cake Topper
Inside Out 2 Cake Topper

This Inside Out 2 Cake Topper was made by Sônia Mara L. Back. It features the characters from the first movie – Anger, Sadness, Disgust, Fear and Joy. Plus, Anxiety from the sequel. 

I really like the body language and facial expression that Sônia gave each character. Anxiety has tiny pupils and wild hair. Anger is looking cross eyed and is bearing his teeth. His arms are out as if he is ready for a fight. The facial expression on Sadness is perfect and she has her arms crossed. Disgust’s head  is tilted slightly, her arms are on her stomach and throat like she is going to be sick. Plus, she is making a disgusting sound. Fear looks worried and has his hand together in front of him. Joy has a big smile and her hands are in the air like she is cheering.

Sônia did a wonderful job creating these characters.

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