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Carl & Ellie Up Cake

Carl & Ellie Up cake

This Carl & Ellie Up Cake is a single tier cake that  features a nice Disney Up House cake topper . The cute Up house looks like it was made using  flat cutout pieces of fondant. In addition balloons on top look like they were made using fondant.  The cake is mostly covered in blue fondant to represent the sky.  It makes it look like the house is floating through the sky. In contrast the cake board is green to represent the ground and green grass.  Also nice handmade fondant cutouts of young Ellie and Carl are on the side of the cake. Ellie is painting the mailbox while Carl is watching. This wonderful cake was made by Steves Sweet Catering

The words Happy Birthday are written on the cake board in front of the cake. The birthday name is written in white letters  on the top of the cake. In addition you may like  these Disney Up party ideas that include this Disney Cake featuring  Russell, Carl Fredericksen, and Dug,     these Up cookies with  Ellie and Carl Fredricksen, Russell, Kevin, and Dug, and these Carl and Ellie chocolate covered strawberries.