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Splendid Disney Up Cookies

Disney Up Cookies

Splendid Disney Up Cookies

These splendid Disney Up Cookies feature Ellie and Carl Fredricksen, Russell, Kevin, and Dug.

These wonderful cookies were made by Nomis Cookies

Firstly, I like the way many cookies have a blue sky background.  One cookie is blue with the words adventure is out there. Others have Carl’s house with the balloons attached. Another has Kevin.

Secondly, Ellie and Carl Cookies show them as kids when they first met.

Thirdly, the My Adventure Book cookie reminds me of Ellie and Carl and their love of adventure.

Fourthly, the Russell and Dug cookie  and the young Carl and Ellie cookie have the same color yellow to tie them together.

Fifthly, the grape Soda pin cookie is beside Carl.

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