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Romantic Carl and Ellie Cake

Romantic Carl and Ellie Cake
Romantic Carl and Ellie Cake

This Carl and Ellie cake features Carl and Ellie Fredricksen from Disney’s Up.

This wonderful cake was made by Cake Make With Love

Four letter cookies are on the top of the cake to spell out the word love.

In this case, it represents a love that has lasted many happy years.

They each got to marry and spend many terrific years with their best friend.

Carl and Ellie are one Disney couple who met as kids, fell in love, got married, and spent their lives happily together until Ellie died.

I really like this cake because it shows two people who have been with each other for many years. They both have smiles on their faces and love each other more at the end than when they first met. 

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Check back tomorrow for another pop culture Valentine’s Day couple.

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