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Up Chocolate Covered Strawberries


These amazing Up Chocolate Covered Strawberries with a breakable chocolate heart were made by The Berry Shack.

This gift box contains a large blue chocolate breakable heart. It has multicolor up balloons on top of it. I Love You is written on top of the balloons with white chocolate.

There are six decorated chocolate strawberries with the heart. Each has a different design.

  • Carl and Ellie’s hand prints
  • the grape soda bottlecap / merit badge
  • Ellie’s My Adventure Book
  • Russell’s Junior Wilderness Explorer uniform. The detail on this is astonishing. It even has Russell’s sash with merit badges.
  • A strawberry covered in tiny sprinkles which are different colors. These represent the balloons.
  • Last but not least, Carl’s tuxedo with bowtie

The detail and variety of these strawberries is astonishing.

The packing material for these sweet treats? Mini marshmallows. 

Looking for more chocolate covered strawberry ideas? I’ve featured Baby Yoda and Cookie Monster twice in the past.

This set has 12 Baby Yoda Chocolate Covered Strawberries, while this Valentine’s Day themed set has 6 Baby Yoda Strawberries and a chocolate breakable heart.

This box includes 12 Cookie Monster Themed Strawberries and this set has a chocolate breakable heart and 6 Cookie Monster Strawberries.