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Two Spooktacular Wednesday Addams Cake Toppers

This cake topper features Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams.
Wednesday Addams Cake Topper

Silvia Mancini is master at sculpting beautiful figures. She created both of the spooktacular Wednesday Addams Cake Toppers that I’m featuring today.

This first cake topper shows Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams in a dress. This is the same dress Wednesday is wearing in this amazing cookie. While I really like the modeling on Wednesday’s face, my favorite part of this figure is the dress. The ruffles at the neck and bottom of the dress are absolutely amazing. Look at the neck of the dress. It has a black cloth collar surrounded and accented with a thin mesh. That is so hard to pull off this well on a sculpted figure.

Wednesday has black hair and wears a black dress. Black is notoriously hard to work with and if you use too much, you end up with something that just looks too dark. Silvia gets around this by using different textures. Wednesday’s hair, dress and shoes each have a different texture to them. Instead of being overwhelmed by too much black, your eyes are drawn to the textures and ruffles. It is extremely difficult to do this as well as Silvia does it.

This cake topper features Wednesday Addams. The base of the topper has Thing setting out Christmas lights.
Wednesday Addams & Thing Christmas Cake Topper

Here is Silvia’s other terrific Wednesday Addams Cake Topper. This one features Wednesday and Thing.

I always though Thing (and to a lesser extent Cousin Itt) was one of the most unique characters on TV because he didn’t speak and he couldn’t rely on body language. Cousin Itt at least made sounds and gestures.

If you look closely you’ll see that Silvia made this cake topper for Christmas. The base has Christmas lights on it. Thing, who is on the side of the base, has holly on him and he is touching a string of Christmas lights. It looks like he is wearing the holly as a Christmas decoration and setting out the Christmas lights.

Once again this Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams, but this time she has a different outfit on. She has on a black skirt, vest, jacket and tie. She is also wearing a long sleeve white shirt. I’m assuming this is her school uniform.

Wednesday’s skirt has pleats. Her jacket has pinstripes. If you look closely at her vest, you’ll see that it has a reinforced collar. Wednesday’s hair is in braided pony tails.

On the first cake topper, Silvia used texture to bring the all black dress to life. Here, Silvia uses fine details and touches of grey and white to make this outfit look just as amazing.

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