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This Moving BB-8 Cake Is The Coolest Cake Ever!

This Facebook video takes about 10 seconds to load, but it is well worth the wait!  Unfortunately, Facebook videos use Adobe Flash, so this will not play on iPads or iPhones.  If the video doesn’t play – use this link instead.

My mind is completely blown.  Believe it or not, that adorable little BB-8 is a cake!  This unbelievable cake was made by Dawn Butler of Dinkydoodle Designs. 

Dawn is the inventor of the cake frame.  Most really elaborate cakes have an internal support structure.  It can be anything from shaped Rice Krispies Treats, pieces of wood (covered to be food safe), to PVC pipes.  Dawn had the brilliant idea, what if someone built a food safe support system specifically for cakes.  Dawn called it the Cake Frame.  Here is the website for Dawn’s Cake Frame.

For this BB-8 Cake, Dawn has placed all of the moving parts inside the cake frame,  so what you see is cake.  All of the electronics and moving parts are within the food safe cake frame.

I’ve seen moving cakes before, but none this adorable.  Dawn did an amazing job recreating the cutest cast member of The Force Awakens.