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This Wonderful BB-8 Cake Can’t Wait For The Force Awakens


This Fabulous BB-8 Cake was made by Cake Rush Bakery in the United Kingdom. This was the first BB-8 cakes to be made and placed on cyberspace for all to see.

BB-8 is ready to roll onto the screen of the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. We all wonder,  where did this new droid, BB-8, come from? On which new adventures will he take us?

BB-8 appears on a desert planet, that looks much like Tatooine, where a Star Destroyer has crashed. 

As The Force Awakens premieres, I can’t wait to see where BB-8 will take us as the droid rolls along on the surface of the desert planet and flies in a star fighter.


This cake was made before there were any toys or models out for people to see the detail of BB-8, so the baker did their best guess on detail based on the movie trailer. They did a great job considering what they had to work with. Now the BB-8 toys are out, so we can see the actual details of BB-8.

BB 8 Droid

You can even get your own copy of BB-8 that will roll around that you can control from your smart phone.

The Nerdist has a nice interview with the bakery about the cake. The cake was made from two half circle cakes covered in ganache and attached to a disc of Rice Krispies Treats in the middle for support.  A support structure also runs through the cake to give it stability.