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Speedy Gonzales Cake

Speedy Gonzales Cake
Speedy Gonzales Cake
Speedy Gonzales Cake

This splendid Speedy Gonzales Cake was made by KarinnArts for her son’s half birthday. The cake shows Speedy standing next to a cactus. Karin’s sculpting and attention to detail is amazing. 



Speedy Gonzales Cake Figure

The figure of Speedy is perfect. He is wearing his usual white outfit with a red bandana and a large yellow sombrero. Speedy is always playful and mischievous, Karin shows this by having him grinning and squinting. He looks like he is having an absolutely blast running literal circles around El Gringo Pussygato.

Since Speedy is standing next to a cactus, the cake board looks like a desert with rocks and sand.

The detail on the cactus is amazing. It even looks prickly. It has a multicolor birthday banner wrapped around it and Speedy, who just decorated the cactus in record time, is still holding one end of the banner.

Close-up of Speedy Gonzales


Half Birthday Sign

Stuck in the ground next to Speedy is an old wooden sign wishing a happy 1/2 birthday.

The reason Karin chose Speedy Gonzales as the theme for a 1/2 birthday party is adorable. Speedy is “The Fastest Mouse in all Mexico”. Karin considers her son the fastest baby in the world because when it was time for him to be born, he came so quickly that she wasn’t even at the hospital yet. Thankfully, both mom and baby were fine.

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