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2 Great Bugs Bunny And Tasmanian Devil Cakes

Bugs Bunny Cake

Bugs Bunny Cake

What’s Up Doc?

One of the most interesting things about blogging daily about cakes is that I see trends in how cakes are designed and decorated. One of the really popular designs these days are cakes which are created with elaborate 2-D decorations. Cakemake With Love, who made these wonderful Bugs Bunny / Tasmanian Devil Cakes, takes this popular design and adds a unique spin to it. They mix 2-D and 3-D decorations together to create cakes which are absolutely gorgeous.


Tasmanian Devil Cake

A Tasmanian Devil? Where?

The 2-D figures of Bugs Bunny eating a carrot and the Tasmanian Devil spinning like wild are fantastic. Adding the 3-D carrots makes this cake really stand out. It actually makes the fact that Bugs and Taz are 2-D pop out even more. 

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