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Marvelous Taz-Mania Cake

Taz-Mania Cake

Taz Mania cake

Taz-Mania Cake

This marvelous Taz-Mania cake has terrific fondant figures of Taz the Tasmanian Devil, Axl Gator, and Bull Gator. 

This wonderful cake was made by FondanEli.

This cake is a single-tier cake that looks like it is covered in edible small pebbles and sand.

Taz Mania cake

Taz is in his spinning cyclone and he has his arm around Axl Gator.

Firstly, notice how the light brown on Axl matches the light brown on Taz and the light brown on Bull Gator.

Secondly, the rocks and the cyclone both are colored with a light brown hue to show they are covered with sand.


Bull Gator Cake

Bull Gator is unhappy because another one of their plan to capture Taz has failed.

Bull Gator cake

Bull Gator is sitting on a rock.

Tasmanian Devil Cake topper

Tasmanian Devil Cake Topper

Here a view of the internal structure for Taz. It looks like he was made using gumpaste or modeling chocolate.

Taz Mania cake

Here’s a different angle of this Taz-Mania cake

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