Looney Tunes

Tweety Bird Christmas Cake

This Tweety Bird Christmas Cake features Tweety wearing a Santa hat and carry a bag filled with Christmas presents.

Tweety Bird Christmas Cake

This cute Tweety Bird Christmas Cake was made by Tahmina Cake Art. It is a wonderful sculpted 3-D figure of Tweety. This must have been made for a dentist because Tweety is wearing a Santa hat and pulling a bag filled with colored balls and cute little teeth. There is a little Christmas Tree that is also decorated with these tiny teeth. To add to the Christmas feel, the cake board is covered in snow.

A-va did a great job with the photograph of this cake. Since the cake has a lot of white and yellow, she used a dark wooden surface underneath the cake. The contrast makes the light colors on the cake stand out more. Just like the cake has snow on it, the wood also has a light dusting of snow in places. There are Christmas tree branches and little white berries in the background.

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This great Bugs Bunny Santa Cake featured Bugs dressed as Santa and going down a snow covered chimney.

This cute Tweety and Sylvester Christmas Cake has Tweety about to give Sylvester his Christmas present.

Bugs Bunny Santa Cake

This cake has Bugs Bunny dressed as Santa Claus and going down a chimney.

Bugs Bunny Santa Cake

What’s up, Santa? This cute Bugs Bunny Santa Cake was made by Christian Giardina. The cake looks like a bunch of snow with a chimney sticking out of it. The chimney is made of grey bricks that are slightly weathered. Bugs Bunny, dressed in a red Santa Claus suit, is going down the chimney.

Bugs has his face turned towards you and it looks like he is saying something. His hands are on his hips. Bugs Bunny’s Santa hat has holes for his ears. He is wearing a fake white beard and leather gloves.

The modeling on Bugs Bunny is perfect! I’d say that he looked like he hopped off the movie screen, but I don’t recall a Christmas Bugs Bunny short. The earliest I can find is a TV special from 1979.

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This two great cakes feature Bugs Bunny vs the Tasmanian Devil.

These stand up alphabet cookies spell out SPACE JAM and feature Bugs, Lola, Daffy, Taz, Marvin The Martian, Tweety, Sylvester and other space jam characters.

This cute Space Jam Cake features Bugs getting the better of Daffy.

Tasmanian Devil Does Taekwondo Cake

Taekwondo Cake

Taekwondo Cake

This adorable Taekwondo Cake was made by Natulinka. It features the Tasmanian Devil in his gi. He is a red belt in Taekwondo. He has his arms crossed over his chest and is looking towards the side.

There are matching cupcakes and cookies. They are of gis and silhouettes of people doing  Taekwondo,

I’ve always liked Taz since I saw him in cartoons as a kid. Plus, before the pandemic, I’d been a Taekwondo instructor for years. So, when I saw these cookies, cupcakes and cake, I had to share them.


Black, White and Red Taekwondo Cookies

Taekwondo Cookies

Here is a close-up of the cookies and cupcakes. There are cookies that look like a white gi, i.e. the tradional garment worn while doing Taekwondo. Plus, there are round cookies and cupcakes with silhouettes of people doing Taekwondo.

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This cute cake features Taz eating a cupcake.

These matching Taz-Mania Cake and Cookie Set feature the Tasmanian Devil, Axl Gator, and Bull Gator.

These two cool cakes feature Bugs Bunny vs Taz.

These stunning 3-D stand up Space Jam Cookies feature everyone from Space Jam including the Tasmanian Devil.

Tweety Bird Pie

Tweety Bird Pie

Tweety Bird Pie

This Tweety Bird Pie made by Inspired To Taste. It is too pretty to eat! The top crust of the pie has been designed to look like a golden bird cage. It even has the circle at the top to hang the bird cage from. The outside of the base of the cage is ornate. Tweety is in the cage. You can’t see Sylvester, but his two claws are reaching around the bird cage.

There are three things that make is pie absolutely gorgeous.

The detail is amazing. Just look at the cage. The bars are curved and look golden. There is a pattern at the top. Tweety looks like he flew out of a Looney Tunes cartoon. 

The use of texture is wonderful. Tweety and Sylvester look 2-D and are bright and colorful. The pie filling is swirled and makes a wonderful back drop for Tweety. The cage looks golden and has intricate patterns on it. All these different textures make Tweety and Sylvester really stand out.

Lastly, the pie looks 3-D. Tweety is literally inside the cage. The bars of the cage bend so they look 3-D. Sylvester’s claws are on top of the cage bars. Liz’s brilliant use of layers makes the overall image look 3-D.

The pie is crust was a buttery pâte sucrée. The filling was tart lemon curd and sweet-and-silky Italian meringue.  

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