Taz Mania cake

Taz-Mania Cake

This marvelous Taz-Mania cake has terrific fondant figures of Taz the Tasmanian Devil, Axl Gator, and Bull Gator. 

This wonderful cake was made by FondanEli.

This cake is a single-tier cake that looks like it is covered in edible small pebbles and sand.

Taz Mania cake

Taz is in his spinning cyclone and he has his arm around Axl Gator.

Firstly, notice how the light brown on Axl matches the light brown on Taz and the light brown on Bull Gator.

Secondly, the rocks and the cyclone both are colored with a light brown hue to show they are covered with sand.


Bull Gator Cake

Bull Gator is unhappy because another one of their plan to capture Taz has failed.

Bull Gator cake

Bull Gator is sitting on a rock.

Tasmanian Devil Cake topper

Tasmanian Devil Cake Topper

Here a view of the internal structure for Taz. It looks like he was made using gumpaste or modeling chocolate.

Taz Mania cake

Here’s a different angle of this Taz-Mania cake

Finally, a few days ago, I featured these wonderful Taz-Mania cookies made by the same baker.

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Pepe Le Pew Valentines Day cookies

Pepé Le Pew & Penelope Pussycat Cookies

When I think of Looney Tunes and romance, I always think of Pepé Le Pew.

What a terrific way to celebrate Valentine Day week in a Looney Tunes way.

For example, these heart shaped Pepé Le Pew & Penelope Pussycat Cookies have a heart shaped cookie of him and a heart shaped cookie of her.  These are surrounded by tiny pink and red heart candies.  Each character is black and white.

These wonderful cookies were made by Ally’s Cookies

I like the way Penelope’s cookie is pink with red dots, while Pepe’s cookie is red with pink dots.

The star of the cartoon, Pepé Le Pew, is a French skunk who is always looking for a girl skunk. Instead, he chases a black cat that has, through some mishap, gotten a white stripe down her back to make her look like a skunk. The cat is named Penelope Pussycat.

She runs aways while Pepe chases her during the entire cartoon.

Here’s a terrific Donald and Daisy cake from yesterday.

Check back tomorrow for another pop culture Valentine’s Day couple.

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Taz Mania cookies

Taz-Mania Cookies

These awesome Taz-Mania Cookies feature Bull Gator, Taz the Tasmanian Devil, and Axl Gator.

These wonderful cookies were made by FondanEli.

The Taz-Mania cartoon show was produced in the 1990s.

Taz is the main character of Taz-Mania. In this cartoon, he is a teenager living with his parents and younger sister and brother in Tazmania.  He also works at a hotel there. 

This set if comprised of 3 cookies.

Tasmanian Devil Cookie

Tasmanian Devil cookie

Firstly, this Tasmanian Devil cookie is a terrific likeness of this Looney Tunes character.   I always liked seeing this character appear with Bugs Bunny in cartoons.

Taz spins around like a tornado or cyclone devouring everything in site and he loves to eat rabbits. This makes him a terrific foe for Bugs Bunny.


Axl Gator Cookie

Secondly, this Axl Gator cookie represents this antagonist of Taz. Axl Gator helps his brother Bull Gator try to capture Taz and put him in a zoo for children.

Even though Axl acts stupid when around Bull, he has several college degrees.

Bull Gator Cookie

Thirdly, this Bull Gator cookie is a terrific representation of one of Taz’s main antagonists. Bull Gator keeps trying to trap and catch Taz. As each trap fails, Bull talks to Axl Gator about what they can learn from the experience.


Taz Mania cookies

Taz-Mania cookies – Royal Icing base

Here’s an in-progress picture of the 3 cookies. Each cookie has a flooded royal icing base.  Royal icing has been used to create the shape of each character too.

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Bugs Bunny Cake

What’s Up Doc?

One of the most interesting things about blogging daily about cakes is that I see trends in how cakes are designed and decorated. One of the really popular designs these days are cakes which are created with elaborate 2-D decorations. Cakemake With Love, who made these wonderful Bugs Bunny / Tasmanian Devil Cakes, takes this popular design and adds a unique spin to it. They mix 2-D and 3-D decorations together to create cakes which are absolutely gorgeous.


Tasmanian Devil Cake

A Tasmanian Devil? Where?

The 2-D figures of Bugs Bunny eating a carrot and the Tasmanian Devil spinning like wild are fantastic. Adding the 3-D carrots makes this cake really stand out. It actually makes the fact that Bugs and Taz are 2-D pop out even more. 

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