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Bugs Bunny Santa Cake

This cake has Bugs Bunny dressed as Santa Claus and going down a chimney.
Bugs Bunny Santa Cake

What’s up, Santa? This cute Bugs Bunny Santa Cake was made by Christian Giardina. The cake looks like a bunch of snow with a chimney sticking out of it. The chimney is made of grey bricks that are slightly weathered. Bugs Bunny, dressed in a red Santa Claus suit, is going down the chimney.

Bugs has his face turned towards you and it looks like he is saying something. His hands are on his hips. Bugs Bunny’s Santa hat has holes for his ears. He is wearing a fake white beard and leather gloves.

The modeling on Bugs Bunny is perfect! I’d say that he looked like he hopped off the movie screen, but I don’t recall a Christmas Bugs Bunny short. The earliest I can find is a TV special from 1979.

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