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Tweety Bird Christmas Cake

This Tweety Bird Christmas Cake features Tweety wearing a Santa hat and carry a bag filled with Christmas presents.
Tweety Bird Christmas Cake

This cute Tweety Bird Christmas Cake was made by Tahmina Cake Art. It is a wonderful sculpted 3-D figure of Tweety. This must have been made for a dentist because Tweety is wearing a Santa hat and pulling a bag filled with colored balls and cute little teeth. There is a little Christmas Tree that is also decorated with these tiny teeth. To add to the Christmas feel, the cake board is covered in snow.

A-va did a great job with the photograph of this cake. Since the cake has a lot of white and yellow, she used a dark wooden surface underneath the cake. The contrast makes the light colors on the cake stand out more. Just like the cake has snow on it, the wood also has a light dusting of snow in places. There are Christmas tree branches and little white berries in the background.

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