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This Tweety and Sylvester Cake Wishes You A Meowy Christmas

 Tweety and Sylvester Christmas Cake

This terrific Tweety and Sylvester Christmas Cake was made by Christian Giardina.  The cake was made for a 1st birthday party during the Christmas season.

Both Tweety and Sylvester are wearing Santa’s hats and red and green Christmas scarfs.  Tweety is opening a Christmas Present while Sylvester, who has his arms folded, looks extremely impatient.  The ground beneath them is covered in snow.  Beside them is the remains of a snowman.  Behind them is a tree covered in snow.

The side of the cake is decorated with ginger bread men.  Since this was a first birthday cake, there is a 1 which looks like a candy cane.  The cake is two layers.  The top layer is red, while the bottom layer is green.  The cake has a little skirt hanging down from it which looks like it was made from fondant.

There was a Christmas themed Tweety and Sylvester cartoon.  It was from 1952 and called “Gift Wrapped”. The cartoon features Tweety, Sylvester, Granny, and Hector the bulldog.  It features gags such a Sylvester switching tags on Christmas presents so that he gets and eats Tweety Bird.  Granny tries to have Sylvester and Tweet make up by kissing under mistletoe and of course Sylvester eats Tweety again.  In one gimmick, Sylvester opens a large Christmas present.  It turns out the present is Hector the bulldog who eats Sylvester.  There is even a cute bit where they are playing cowboys and Indians which references Geronimo, Hopalong Cassidy (who was on the radio in 1952), and Pocahontas.

The cartoon ends with Granny and Tweety singing the Christmas carol “Hark The Herald Angels Sing”. Sylvester and Hector can’t join in. Granny, who has declared there will be peace in the house once and for all, has covered their mouths with giant stamps which read “Do Not Open Till Xmas”.

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