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Merry Christmas From Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse Christmas Cake

This Awesome Minnie Mouse Christmas Cake was made by Emma Jayne Cake Design. This cake features Santa Minnie Mouse and is decorated in red with white polka dots. The birthday name is written in dark red on the cake. Minnie Mouse is on top of the cake dressed in a Santa jacket, a black belt, and red boots.  The Santa jacket is red with white polka dots, just like the cake. Minnie is wearing a large red polk dot bowtie in her hair.  Beside her is a green christmas tree.  The tree has a large red star on top with a white number three in the middle of the star to show the birthday age. There are red and white candy canes adorning the tree. Glittering silver and red large ball decorations and white and gold pearl-like balls decorate the tree.  This Disney cake and cake board together remind me a lot of a large red polka dot hat with a white polka dot ribbon and bow. The edge of the cake board is a red and white polka dot ribbon. 

Minnie Mouse Cake

Close-up of Minnie Mouse and large green Christmas tree

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