Disney Christmas Cakes

Disney Christmas Cakes – Festive Cakes featuring fondant figures of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Pluto, Donald Duck, and Daisy Duck.

In addition, several cakes have Disney Princesses with snow, Christmas trees, and presents.

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Red and Green Santa Minnie Cake

Green and Red Santa Mickey Birthday Cake

This red and green Santa Minnie Cake has 2 primary colors of light green and red with darker green trim. A fondant Minnie dresses as Santa is standing on top of the cake.

This wonderful cake was made by Felipe Oliveira.

A light green name plaque matches the light green of the bottom tier.  The birthday name is written in light green letters on the plaque.  A green number 1 is on the red cake board.

A red ribbon around the middle tier matches the red platform on which Minnie is standing.

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3 Tier hand-painted Mickey and Minnie Christmas cake

Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Chip & Dale, and Santa cake

Baby Donald Christmas cake

Mickey Christmas Party Cake and Cupcakes

MIckey Christmas Party Cake

MIckey Christmas Party Cake and Cupcakes

These Mickey Christmas Party Cake and Cupcakes feature Santa Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, and Donald.

These wonderful cakes and cupcakes were made by Doces e Bolos por Lorraine.

Cupcakes that looks like houses have fondant Santa Mickey Mouse on top. 

Other round mini cakes have a fondant Santa Mickey, Santa Minnie, and Pluto on top with a fondant green Christmas tree and presents in front.

Cookie pops have Santa Mickey and Minnie.

In addition, red cupcakes with green icing have fondant Mickey, Pluto, Goofy, and Donald on top. 

Mickey & Minnie Christmas Cake

Fondant Mickey and Minnie standing beside lit green fondant Christmas tree.  A fondant Pluto is riding a gingerbread train at the base of the case.  These characters are spot on and look terrific.

A gold number 1 is in the next train car to represent a 1st birthday party.

The cake is red and matches the red of Minnie and Mickey’s Santa suits. This is a terrific cake to celebrate a 1st birthday with Mickey and Minnie.  Red and green Christmas presents are all around. 

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Disney Christmas cake with Jack Skellington,  Dopey, Cogsworth, Queen Elsa, and others

Christmas Cookies with Mickey and Friends

Mickey Santa is Coming

Minnie & Daisy Christmas Cake

Minnie & Daisy Christmas Cake

Minnie & Daisy Christmas Cake

This Minnie and Daisy Christmas cake features terrific fondant figures of Minnie and Daisy. 

This wonderful cake was made by Solange Cake.

The cake is decorated to look like a red brick house with a large inviting wood and gold door. A pretty green Christmas tree with yellow light is beside the cake. Another tree that matches is on top of the cake. Red and gold packages beside Minnie match the red of her dress and the gold on the door.

Red and white candy canes make the cake look more festive.

Daisy is wearing a green jacket with a red scarf. The green matches the green in the trees.

Minnie & Daisy Christmas Cake

Minnie Mouse is wearing a red Santa dress with a black belt with a gold buckle. Minnie’s features are terrific.  She looks just like a doll.  White Christmas lights are all around her. 

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Festive Minnie Christmas cake

Swell Mickey Christmas cookies

Mickey & Friends Christmas cookies

Santa Mickey 1st Christmas Cake

Santa Mickey 1st Birthday Cake

Santa Mickey 1st Christmas Cake

This Santa Mickey 1st Christmas Cake has Mickey hand-painted on the side of the cake.  A grey background is behind him.

This wonderful cake was made by The Fox and the Cake.

A red chocolate Christmas ornament is on the top of the cake. Green holly with red berries is beside the ornament.

Snowballs arena the top of the cake and on either side of Mickey.

The snowballs, holly, and gray background give the entire scene a nice winter outdoor appearance.

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