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Christmas Mickey Hot Air Balloon Cake

Christmas Mickey Hot Air Balloon Cake

This Christmas Mickey hot air balloon cake features him riding in the balloon basket aka. gondola. He has just landed on a red structure covered in white snow on top.  This wonderful cake was made by Solange Cake.  

Additionally,  the cake board is red to match the cake. Also, at the base of the cake is a cute white fondant snowman and fondant light brown teddy bear. A small brown mailbox with holly on the side is between them. Fondant red and white candy canes are scattered around to give is a festive look.  In addition, a green tree is behind the snowman. 

I like the way the green in the tree matches the green of the hot air balloon. Also Mickey’s Santa suit matches the red of the cake and the red trim on the hot air balloon. The primary colors of the cake are red and green.


Christmas Mickey Hot Air Balloon Cake

The hot air balloon looks like it was made using a styrofoam ball covered in red and green fondant. It is paneled like a beach ball. It is held up by b bamboo skewers. The gondola is probably a cake too.

Red, green, and gold chocolate balls are in and beside the gondola. Also, a cute gingerbread person and rocky horse are in front.

Christmas Mickey Hot Air Balloon Cake

In addition, the birthday name and age are written in green letters on the cake board. The cake is covered in red fondant that is patterned to look like a knit sweater and  the fondant gondola has a basket-weave pattern. 


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