Santa Mickey Is Coming To Town

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Christmas Cake

This wonderful Mickey and Minnie Mouse Christmas Cake was made by Grace Couture Cakes. The cake itself looks like the outside of Minnie Mouse’s house. It has a red door with a Christmas wreath on it and bells above. Minnie is leaning out one of the windows and looking up. The top of the cake shows the inside of Minnie’s house. There is a fireplace, Christmas Tree and a wooden floor. Standing in front of the tree is Mickey Mouse who is dressed as Santa Claus. Mickey has come down the chimney with his bag overflowing with toys. It looks Mickey has left presents and is getting ready to go up the chimney again. This is such a wonderful cake. I really like how the cake is the outside of the Minnie’s house, while the top is the inside. The figures of Mickey and Minnie are fantastic.

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