Mickey Mouse Halloween Cookies

These adorable Mickey Mouse Halloween Cookies were made by the wonderfully named Baking My Way To Neverland.  Both cookies are Mickey Mouse ghosts.  I really like the ghost that is shaped and colored like candy corn. Blair did an amazing job photographing these cute cookies. She has candy corn beneath them and tiny Mickey Mouse Jack O’Lantern lights above them.

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Mickey Mouse Halloween Cookies

These cute Halloween Mickey Mouse Cookies were made by The Little Baker. At the time I write this, Ansley is selling these cute cookies on Etsy. Here is the link to the Etsy listing.

These cookies look like a Mickey Mouse pumpkin sculpture made from three pumpkins – a large pumpkin that is carved to look like Mickey’s face and two smaller pumpkins to make his ears. Whenever I see pumpkins like these, I think of the giant Mickey Mouse pumpkins that decorate Walt Disney World at Halloween.

Mickey Mouse Halloween Cookies

These marvelous Mickey Mouse Halloween Cookies were made by La Casita de Galleta. These cute set consists of Mickey Mouse dressed as Count Dracula, three cookies where Mickey is a bat, a Mickey Mouse Pumpkin, and a haunted house. I really like how Mickey looks to be grabbing at you and how the haunted house is smaller, so it looks like it is in the background.


Mickey Mouse Halloween Cookies 2

Here is another photograph of this cute set. This one includes a terrific Mickey Mouse head cookie.

Sorcerer Mickey Mouse 3rd Birthday Cake

I’m a fan of Disney’s classic animated film – Fantasia. I use to have the sound track on CD and played it all the time. One of the things I try to do whenever I take a trip to Walt Disney World is see the show Fantasmic. If you’ve never see it, I highly recommend it. Sorcerer Mickey Mouse appears in this wonderful show as well.

So, when I saw this splendid Sorcerer Mickey Mouse 3rd Birthday Cake, made by Joane Chopard alias Mademoiselle fait des gateaux, I had to share it. I interviewed Joane earlier this year. Click here to read that interview.

The cake board looks like a wooden floor. Standing on the wood floor is one of the magical mops with a bucket of water beside it.  There is spilt water on the wooden floor. In the largest puddle, there is the number 3 to represent the birthday age.

A book of magic spells is open on the wooden floor.

The cake is a single tier that is blue, the same color as the spilt water, and covered with grey bricks. The birthday name is on an open parchment scroll.


Sorcerer Mickey Mouse Cake Topper

This Mickey Mouse cake topper is amazing. He is dressed in a red robe and a blue hat with yellow stars and moon. He is holding a magic wand in his hand.

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