Mickey Mouse Cookies

terrific Mickey Mouse cookie set

This terrific Mickey Mouse cookie set is a 2 cookie set of 3-D cookies where one cookie is his head and the other is his body.

This wonderful cookie set was made by By Emineberkun

Mickey looks a lot like an action figure. He has a 3 dimensional look even though this is a cookie set.

He appears to be made using layers of fondant on top of the cookie.

Firstly, Mickey’s ears and the black trim around his face are the first layer on top of the cookie.

Secondly, his face is on top of the ears layer. His mouth is indented and his tongue looks like a separate piece of fondant. 

In addition, his eyes and nose are separate pieces on top of the face. 

Mickey Mouse Cookies

Moreover, his body is rounded and has dimension, instead of just being flat. 

I like the way his shoes have dimension. They are turned so you see the tops of them.  This adds to the 3-D effect.

In addition, I like the color theming of this cookie set. The white and black shirt match the black shorts and the white shoes.

His soccer uniform has a red and black emblem that matches the rest of the color theme.

Mickey Mouse and Friends Cookies

Mickey Mouse and Friends Cookies

These wonderful Mickey Mouse and friends cookies were made by The Little Baker. They feature Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, Pluto, Pete, Clarabelle Cow, Chip and Dale.

Seeing Clarabelle Cow in this set made me really happy. I’ve been writing this blog for over a decade and during that whole time, I’ve only featured Clarabelle two other times.  The first time was this lovely Mickey and Minnie Mouse Cake where Clarabelle was featured in the background. The only other time was these gorgeous hand drawn Mickey Mouse and Friends Cookies.

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Mickey and Minnie Cookies

Mickey and Minnie Cookies

These splendid Mickey and Minnie cookies feature both of their smiling faces.

These wonderful cookies were made by Glazur Bakery

Disney’s most famous couple, Minnie and Mickey, are a terrific cookie set.  

The Minnie Mouse cookie shows her winking and smiling.  Minnie’s hair bow is pink with gold dots.

The Mickey cookie is smiling back.  

I like the way each cookie has dimension. The face is thicker than the white of the eyes and the nose is built up on top of the face. 

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Mickey and Minnie chocolate Easter Eggs

Adorable Mickey and Minnie Mouse Chocolate Easter Eggs

These adorable Mickey and Minnie Mouse chocolate Easter eggs are matching with blue for Mickey and pink for Minnie.

Each Disney figure has been painted onto a piece of fondant and attached to the chocolate egg.

Moreover, these eggs are matching designs. Each character is holding a bunch of color matching balloons that are on top of each egg.

In addition white fondant clouds are on both sides of each.

These wonderful chocolate Easter eggs were made by Sweet Art By Kat

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