Mickey Mouse Christmas Cake

Mickey Mouse Christmas cake
Mickey Mouse Christmas cake

This Mickey Mouse Christmas cake has a terrific hand-painted picture of him wearing a Santa suit and hat. Christmas trees and a red Christmas ornament are on the top of the cake.  This looks like he is in a festive winter wonderland scene.

This wonderful cake was made by Mr. Cake.

In addition, there are white snowballs in front of the cake.

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Mickey Mouse Comics Cake

Mickey Mouse Cake

This Mickey Mouse comics cake is for a 9th birthday and has Mickey, a Mickey head, and a comic strip around the cake. You can have this cake and read it too.

This wonderful cake was made by Cake Naz.

I love the Mickey Mouse comic strip behind him. There is a red nine beside the cake.

A black 3-D mickey head is on the top of the cake. I like the way the cake is red, white, and black.

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Mickey Mouse Cake

Mickey Mouse cake

This Mickey Mouse cake has a mickey head on the top.  Mickey is painted on the wide of the cake. Two black balls beside the cake match the Mickey head. These really draw attention to Mickey’s ears .

In addition, a print pattern with Mickey heads are all around him.

This wonderful cake was made by Saeed Ahmadian4.   


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Adorable Mickey Mouse Ghost Cookies

Mickey Mouse Ghost Cookies
Mickey Mouse Ghost Cookies

These adorable Mickey Mouse Ghost Cookies were made by the wonderfully named Baking My Way To Neverland. Both cookies are Mickey Mouse ghosts.  I really like the ghost that is shaped and colored like candy corn. Blair did an amazing job photographing these cute cookies. She has candy corn beneath them and tiny Mickey Mouse Jack O’Lantern lights above them.

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