Steamboat Willie Cookie

Steamboat Willie Mickey Mouse cookies

These Splendid black and white Mickey Mouse cookies feature him in many forms.

These wonderful cookies were made byHoney Bunny Cookie Shop

When I think of his early beginnings, I think Steamboat Willie as represented by this terrific Steamboat Willie cookie.

Moreover, Mickey head shaped cookies are popular to represent him too and this set has a Mickey cookie with the words Happy Birthday in Walt Disney font.

A third cookie has his hand in outline form.

Mickey’s black shorts are used to represent him on another cookie.

Furthermore, drawings of different facial expressions are on a fifth and sixth cookie.

Black & White Mickey Mouse cookies

Black and White Mickey Mouse Cookies

Mickey Mouse Balloons cookie

Mickey Balloons cookie

A seventh cookie has black, white, and gold Mickey shaped balloons.

Mickey Mouse cookie

Mickey Mouse cookie

In addition, another cookie the Birthday name written with Mickey ears on top.

Black & White Mickey Mouse Cookies

Notice how some of the cookies have a tiny black dot pattern and some do not.

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Mickey Mouse Birthday Cookies

Mickey Mouse Birthday Cookies

These Mickey Mouse birthday cookies are complimentary to these Minnie Mouse cookies by the same baker.

The centerpiece of the set is a large Mickey Mouse cookie where his face is in his hands and he looks like he if daydreaming.

These wonderful cookies were made by Glazur Bakery.

To compliment the Mickey cookie, there are 2 white Mickey glove cookies. In addition there are 2 black Mickey head cookies : one with the birthday name and the other with the birthday age.

There’s also a letter M cookie with black, red, and yellow Mickey heads.

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Mickey Mouse Christmas Cookies

These Mickey Mouse Christmas Cookies were made by Maryin Pryan. Maryin made these in 2019 to count down to New Years. When I saw the clock and 2020 cookies, I thought these would be perfect to count down to Christmas 2020.


Mickey Mouse Christmas Cookies

I really like the clock cookie which is about to strike Midnight. This cookie is why I’m running this post on Christmas Eve.


Mickey Mouse Christmas Cookies

Most of the cookies are Mickey Mouse shaped Christmas ornaments. The only exception are the two golden bells.


Mickey Mouse Christmas Cookies


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Mickey and Minnie Mouse Christmas Cake

Wow!!! This stunning Mickey and Minnie Mouse Christmas Cake was made by Reposteria Creativa. This amazing cake features Mickey and Minnie dressed in Santa suits. They’re standing in front of a fireplace. The mantle is decorated for Christmas. The brick chimney has a wreath hanging on it. Unfortunately, poor Santa’s feet are sticking out of the top of the Chimney. Beside the fireplace is a Christmas tree decorated with bulbs, snowflakes, and a gold star. This is such a lovely cake.

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