Mickey and Minnie Cookies

Mickey and Minnie Cookies

These splendid Mickey and Minnie cookies feature both of their smiling faces.

These wonderful cookies were made by Glazur Bakery

Disney’s most famous couple, Minnie and Mickey, are a terrific cookie set.  

The Minnie Mouse cookie shows her winking and smiling.  Minnie’s hair bow is pink with gold dots.

The Mickey cookie is smiling back.  

I like the way each cookie has dimension. The face is thicker than the white of the eyes and the nose is built up on top of the face. 

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Mickey and Minnie chocolate Easter Eggs

Adorable Mickey and Minnie Mouse Chocolate Easter Eggs

These adorable Mickey and Minnie Mouse chocolate Easter eggs are matching with blue for Mickey and pink for Minnie.

Each Disney figure has been painted onto a piece of fondant and attached to the chocolate egg.

Moreover, these eggs are matching designs. Each character is holding a bunch of color matching balloons that are on top of each egg.

In addition white fondant clouds are on both sides of each.

These wonderful chocolate Easter eggs were made by Sweet Art By Kat

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Mickey and MInnie Mouse Valentine's Day Cake

Mickey and Minnie Valentine’s Day Cake 


This Romantic Mickey and Minnie Valentine’s Day cake is the perfect way to celebrate this day.

I am a big Disney fan, and when I think of pop culture couples, Mickey and Minnie are one of the first that come to mind. When I saw this cake I thought it would be perfect to feature on Valentine’s Day.

This wonderful cake was made by Vanilicans

When you first look at this Disney cake, your eyes are drawn to the large figures of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse in the front.

Mickey and Minnie are holding hands and staring into each other’s eyes. They make an adorable couple.

In addition, the word Love is written in standing letters on the top of the cake.  It is just behind Mickey and Minnie’s head.

Moreover, the cake is white with small black Mickey heads and an infinity symbol. 

The infinity symbol near them implies that their love lasts forever.

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Cowboy Mickey Mouse Cake

Cowboy Mickey Mouse Cake

This Splendid Cowboy Mickey Mouse Cake has a nice old west theme.

This wonderful cake was made by Mademoiselle fait des gâteaux

The top tier of the cake is covered in white fondant with brown splotches that looks like a cow hide.

To add to the western theme, an arrow in sticking through the tier.

The bottom tier of the cake is an old log with a Sheriff’s badge, silver horseshoes, and a wagon wheel in front of it.

The birthday name is on an old wooden road sign.

In addition, the cake board looks like the sand of the desert. Cactuses and boulders are on it to add to the effect.

Cowboy Mickey Mouse Cake

When I think of Disney and cowboys, I always think of Sheriff Woody from Toy Story.

This time Mickey Mouse is wearing a brown cowboy hat with a red band that matches his red bandana.

Moreover, he’s taking a bath in a wooden wash tub just like in the old westerns.  He has a yellow duckie in the water. 

Furthermore, his boots and rope are just outside the tub.

I can just picture him riding off to the next town on his horse with Pluto beside him.