Baby Yoda Cake Pops

Here’s another post from the past. 

Super baked Goods made these wonderful Baby Yoda Cake Pops.

I think he looks adorable riding in his pod. 


Baby Yoda Cake Pops

Here’s a second set of cake pops. These are just Baby Yoda. 

I really like how you just see eye peeking out. You can’t see his mouth. 

Look closely to see his feet sticking out of the bottom.

Like these Baby Yoda and Yoda cakes & cake pops you will.

Monsters, Inc. Cake Pops

These spooktacular Monsters, Inc. Cake Pops featuring Mike and Sulley were made by Sweetly Dipped Confections.  The detail on these is wonderful. Mike has a single giant green eye, his mouth is open, and you can see his bottom teeth. Sulley looks like he is covered in blue fur with little splotches of purple. He has a blue eyes and a dark blue nose.


Monsters, Inc. 3rd Birthday Cake Pops

Here is the full set which was made for a lucky kid’s 3rd birthday party. The matching blue and green 3rd birthday cake pops are a really nice touch.

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Lion King Cake Pops

These wonderful Lion King Cake Pops were made by Stripingly Sweet. They feature Simba and Kiara from Lion King 2. As is the case with all of Corina’s cake pops, the detail on these is wonderful.  I can’t decide if my favorite part of these are the eyes or Simba’s rich mane.


Lion King Cake Pops

These are definitely fit for a king.


Here is a Instagram video showing these wonderful cake pops close up.

Minion Cake Pops

These marvelous Minion Cake Pops were made by Stripingly Sweet. The detail on these cake pops is amazing. You can see the buttons on their overalls, the teddy bears look furry, and their goggles look metallic.  My favorite part of these is the variety of Minions.


Minion Cake Pops


Here is an Instagram video showing these awesome cake pops close-up.

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