Lion King

Romantic Simba and Nala Cake

Lion King Cake

Simba and Nala Cake

This is the 6th of 14 Valentine posts.   This post focuses on another of Disney’s awesome couples:  Simba and Nala from The Lion King II.

This wonderful cake was made by Amirova Valeria.

This romantic Simba and Nala cake has a hand-painting of them. It looks like the cake was airbrushed yellow then brown. It reminds me of the color of the dirt at Pride Rock. The yellow shows all around the characters heads to focus your attention on them. A sculpture of  yellow brown butterflies and dark green leaves is on the top of the cake.  They match nicely with the cake background and with Simba’s mane.

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Terrific Lion King Pie

Lion King Pie

Lion King Pie

This terrific Lion King pie features Simba’s head and mane made from pie dough.

This wonderful Disney pie was made by Sugar Crumbs Pies

I made my first decorated pies recently and I have an idea of what’s involved to make something like this.

The mane appears to be concentric circles of red and orange leaf shaped pie crust cutouts with a hand-painted Simba in the middle.  It’s a decorative way to give an apple a top crust.

It’s terrific that such cute characters can come to life in pie form.  There are some people who like pies better than cakes and this pie would be perfect for a themed party.

In addition, you may like Lion King cakes and cookieslike these royal icing Simba cookies and this lovely hand-painted 3 tier cake.

Superb Simba Lion King Cookies

Lion King Cookies

Simba Lion King Cookies

These Simba Lion King cookies have him in different poses. 

These wonderful cookies were made by Glazur Bakery.

Lion King cookies


These Lion King cookies have Mufasa and Simba on one cookie and sunset on the African savannah on the other cookie.

Lion King Cookies

This Simba cookie shows him wearing a crown, and he just can’t wait to be king. Simba and Nala are on another cookie in the background. A number one cookie with pawprints is also in this photo.

Simba cookie

I really like the way this Simba cookie shows him as a cute cub.

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Splendid Simba Lion King Cake

Lion King Cake made by Silvana Ribeiro Cake Designer

Simba Lion King Cake 

This Splendid Simba Lion King Cake is a 3 tier cake with beautiful orange and yellows hues of sunset.

This wonderful cake was made by Silvana Ribeiro Cake Designer

I like the choice of color on this cake and the sunset theme on each tier.

The top tier is painted a brownish-orange to blend wit the sunset colors on the other tiers. It has Rafiki’s drawing of Simba painted on the side. This is another way to represent him on the cake.

The bottom tier shows silhouettes of Rafiki and other animals from Disney’s The Lion king marching with the setting sun behind them.

Lion King Cake made by Silvana Ribeiro Cake Designer

The middle tier makes Simba the focus by making his silhouette the central focal point.  In addition, a young Simba and Timon, and Pumbaa are walking over a log at the bottom of the silhouette. 

In contrast, the rest of the tier is painted black.

Lion King Cake made by Silvana Ribeiro Cake Designer

This is a close-up of Simba’s silhouette against the sunset on this Simba Lion King Cake.

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