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Coco Cake Pops

Coco Cake Pops
Coco Cake Pops
Coco Cake Pops

These gorgeous Coco Cake Pops were made by Stripingly Sweet. They include Miguel, his guitar and Ernesto de la Cruz.

The Miguel Cake Pops have him in his Land of the Dead disguise. He is wearing a red hoodie. He had black hair and his face has been painted skeleton white. The rim of his eyes are black and he a stitched mouth. He has red markings below his eyes and on his forehead. Corina used the same shade of red for the hoodie and the face paints.

The guitar cake pop is white with black marks on it. Putting edible strings on the guitar would have been really difficult and not the least bit tasty, so I really like that Corina used thin painted lines to represent the strings.

The Ernesto Cake Pop has a skeleton face. He had black hair and black around his eyes. There are fine grey markings on his face. There is a large grey bow at the bottom of the cake pop to make it clear that Ernesto is dressed in fancy clothes.

All three of these cake pops are terrific.

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