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Cute Dumbo Cake Pops

Dumbo Cake Pops made by Stripingly Sweet

These cute Dumbo Cake Pops were made by Stripingly Sweet. The detail on these cake pops is stunning. In addition to the required items like Dumbo’s oversized ears and his yellow hat, Dumbo has eye lashes, eye brows, and even toenails. Nobody puts this level of detail into a cake pop. The most amazing part of these cake pops isn’t the detail, it is that instead of looking busy all these little touches work perfectly together and the end results are adorable.  This is so hard to pull off.  


Dumbo Cake Pops made by Stripingly Sweet

Note But I’ve been, done, seen about everything when I see a cake pop fly Note


Here is an Instagram video showing these magical cake pops close up.

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