Mickey and Minnie Mouse Halloween Pumpkin

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Halloween Pumpkin
Mickey & Minnie Mouse Halloween Pumpkin

This wonderful Mickey & Minnie Mouse Halloween Pumpkin was made by WunderKins Pumpkins.

It features Mickey and Minnie Mouse popping out of a Jack O’Lantern. Mickey and Minnie are side by side, smiling and resting their head on their hands. Mickey is dressed normally while Minnie is wearing a witch’s hat. Courntey did a wonderful job with this carving.

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Arrsome Mickey and Minnie Mouse Pirate Cake

Pirate Mickey Mouse Cake

This Arrsome Mickey and Minnie Mouse pirate cake features them dressed as pirates.

This wonderful cake was made by Olanos Cakes.

Captain Mickey Mouse is standing on a small top tier that is colored brown like the sand of an island beach.

In addition, the bottom tier is blue to respresent the waters of the ocean. A dark blue band for waves is at the bottom. It represents the deeper sea waters.  

The cake board is covered in light brown sand. And of course every pirate wants to find treasure, so the perfect ending to this Disney birthday adventure is pirate Minnie Mouse on the beach beside a gold treasure chest. Loot has even spilled out of the chest onto the sand.

Also, the birthday name is written in large brown letters on top of a parchment pirate map.

I love the workmanship on these Minnie and Mickey Mouse fondant figures.  The eyes, mouth, and face are perfect and that’s no easy to do with Mickey.

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Superb Black and White Mickey Steamboat Willie Cookie

Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie Cookie

This superb black and white Mickey Steamboat Willie cookie shows Mickey Mouse holding the wheel of the ship. He is wearing a captain’s hat.

The entire cookie is white, black, and gray royal icing.

This wonderful cookie was made by Sugar Celle Studio.

Mickey made his first debut as the pilot of this steamboat in his first appearance in Disney’s Steamboat Willie cartoon. This was one of the first cartoons with synchronized sound.

My husband is a big fan of Mickey Mouse and Steamboat Willie.  I even bought him the LEGO set.

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Adorable Mickey Mouse Onesie Cookies

Mickey Mouse Onesie Cookies

These adorable Mickey Mouse Onesie Cookies were made by Burnt Cookies By Murrah.Murrah made them to celebrate her baby’s first birthday.

There are two onesies in this wonderful set of cookies. The first cookie is black and has silver stars and dots on it. In the center of the onesie are three silver dots which looks like Mickey Mouse’s face.

The second cookie is white and also has stars on it. In the center of the onesie is a partial moon with an adorable Mickey Mouse asleep inside it. Mickey’s arms are over the side of the moon and his tail is hanging down. 

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