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Dracula Mickey Cake Topper

This Dracula Mickey Cake Topper features a three dimensional figure of Mickey Mouse made of fondant. Also there are orange fondant Mickey Jack-o-Lanterns and a grey headstone.

Dracula Mickey Cake Topper


This wonderful Disney Halloween Cake topper was made by Ateliê Na Scaglioni. This cake topper is on a green base so it can easily be moved onto the cake.  Also Mickey looks just like a plush toy. He has a happy face and is wearing fangs and a black cape since he is dressed as Dracula. The fondant grey headstone beside him the the letters RIP. There is a white fondant skull on the ground in front ofjthe headstone.  

Also Mickey is holding an orange container for holding candy that looks like a Jack-o-Lantern.  It matches perfectly with the orange Mickey Jack-o-lanterns in front of him.

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