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Marvelous Mickey Mouse Christmas Cake

Mickey Mouse Christmas Cake 2

This Marvelous Mickey Mouse Christmas cake was made by Antonella Di Maria Torte and Design.  

Mickey is wearing a red Santa hat, a green scarf and a red Santa jacket and red pants. He has a green Christmas tree covered in white snow beside him.

Mickey is holding a vertical striped green white and orange or red flag in one hand (could be the Flag of Cote d’Ivoire if orange) and a white flag with five red crosses that represents the country of Georgia.

This two layer Disney Cake is white with a red polka dot ribbon trim at the bottom of each cake layer.

Mickey Mouse is celebrating the birthday of a one year old during this Christmas season. The birthday name is written in large festive letters on the side of the cake.

I like the way the blue number one has snow on it with snowflakes around it.

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