Christmas Disney

The Sweetest Disney Christmas Cake You’ll See All Year

Disney Christmas Cake

This amazing Disney Christmas Cake was made by Gabriel Locachevic Andriolo and his team from Carlos Bakery São Paulo.  It features your favorite Disney characters trying to make Christmas treats, but all they really seem to be making is a mess.  Cogsworth is at the bottom of the cake and almost looks like he is supervising the making of treats.  Sebastian and Remy are on the 2nd layer.  Remy is wearing his chef’s hat and has a wooden spoon with icing on it.  The next layer has Elsa freezing ingredients.  There is also a reindeer on this level.  The next layer has Dopy holding a candy cane and dressed in green nightshirt and nightcap.  On the top of the cake is Jack Skellington dressed as Sandy Claws.

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