Minnie Mouse’s House Is Decorated For Christmas

Minnie Mouse Christmas Cake

This adorable Christmas Themed Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday Cake was made by Dulce & Detalle.  It shows Minnie Mouse’s house decorated for Christmas.

The first layer of this cake is the front door to Minnie Mouse’s house.  There is a wreath on the front door.  The two trees, one on each side of the door, have golden stars on top.  The second layer has a fireplace with a roaring fire and two Christmas trees.


Minnie Mouse Christmas Cake Topper

The top layer has Minnie Mouse wearing a Santa dress and hat.  There is a Christmas Tree with a present under it. There is a red number one with a snowflake on it.


Minnie Mouse Christmas Cake




This is such an adorable 1st birthday cake.

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