Disney Christmas Cakes

Mickey Mouse 3rd Birthday Christmas Cake

Mickey Mouse Christmas Cake

Mickey Mouse Christmas Cake

This Mickey Mouse 3rd Birthday Christmas cake looks like a snow covered cottage.

This wonderful cake was made by Royal Cakes.  

It has a red door with a green wreath.  

The cake stand is a piece of log to make it look rustic. The red of Mickey’s pants and Santa’s pants and red Christmas presents match the red door on the house.

The green Christmas tree on top looks festive.  Mickey is wearing a red and white Santa hat and holding a gold number 3.

This makes a terrific cake for a December 3rd birthday celebration.

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Mickey Mouse Snowman and Disney Train with Goofy, Mickey, Minnie, and Donald cake.

Minnie Kissing Santa cake

Santa Mickey at Minnie’s house cake

Santa’s stuck in Mnnie’s chimney cake

Mickey Mouse Christmas Cake

Mickey Mouse Christmas cake

Mickey Mouse Christmas cake

This Mickey Mouse Christmas cake has a terrific hand-painted picture of him wearing a Santa suit and hat. Christmas trees and a red Christmas ornament are on the top of the cake.  This looks like he is in a festive winter wonderland scene.

This wonderful cake was made by Mr. Cake.

In addition, there are white snowballs in front of the cake.

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Celebrating Christmas With Winnie the Pooh and Piglet

Winnie The Pooh Christmas Cake

This adorable Winnie the Pooh Cake celebrates both a 3rd Birthday and Christmas. It was made by Cake By Anis. I was working on a birthday / Christmas  themed Winnie the Pooh cookie yesterday, so this cake brings a real smile to my face.

This cake features Piglet riding on Winnie the Pooh’s shoulders. It is snowing and Piglet is trying to catch snowflakes. Piglet is wearing a Santa hat and a scarf. Pooh is similarly dressed in a striped Santa hat and scarf. The expressions on Pooh and Piglets faces is wonderful. Both look like they are having so much fun.

This cute cake is topped with snow and the number three.


Winnie The Pooh 3rd Birthday Cake

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Help! Santa Is Stuck In Mickey and Minnie’s Chimney

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Christmas Cake

Wow!!! This stunning Mickey and Minnie Mouse Christmas Cake was made by Reposteria Creativa. This amazing cake features Mickey and Minnie dressed in Santa suits. They’re standing in front of a fireplace. The mantle is decorated for Christmas. The brick chimney has a wreath hanging on it. Unfortunately, poor Santa’s feet are sticking out of the top of the Chimney. Beside the fireplace is a Christmas tree decorated with bulbs, snowflakes, and a gold star. This is such a lovely cake.

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