Kylo Ren

Terrific Kylo Ren Cake

Kylo Ren Cake

This Terrific Kylo Ren Cake was made by El Tartero Real. This Star Wars cake is a square black cake. His black robes are shown just below Kylo Ren’s mask. The cake board has panels from a Star Destroyer.

This cake was made using twelve layers of vanilla cake filled with vanilla cream, raspberry swiss meringue and raspberry jam.

Kylo Ren Cake

Here’s a close-up of Kylo Ren’s mask.

Kylo Ren Cake

Star Wars Cake

The Star Wars sign is resting beside Kylo Ren. The birthday name is written in white letters on the side of the cake. The letter ‘o’ in the birthday name has been replaced by BB-8.

Cool Kylo Ren Cake


This Cool Kylo Ren Cake was made by Aga Lesniak of Homemade with Love by Aga. This Star Wars cake features Kylo Ren from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  Aga made this stunning cake before The Force Awakens came out, so all she had to base the cake on was the very short clips of Kylo Ren in the trailers.  This cake was made for a Star Wars Cake Collaboration called Star Wars: The Bakers Strike Back. Please check out all of their wonderful Star Wars cakes.

Kylo Ren is dressed in all black. He has a black and silver mark that he wears over his face. His costume reminds me of Darth Vader’s costume. 

He is holding a distinctive red lightsaber that also has a red energy hilt.  This is the first light saber that I have ever seen with a hilt of energy.

Before the movie premiered, there was a lot of speculation about who this character was.