Silver AT-AT Cake

AT-AT cake

AT-AT cake

This silver AT-AT cake is a sculpted cake in the shape of this famous Imperial walker. The cake is covered in silver fondant panels that are painted to look like metal. The cake board is covered in fondant white snow. It reminds me of the At-AT’s on the planet Hoth in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

This wonderful cake was made by Bear Brook Bakery.


The view port looks like it was made using red isomalt. 

AT-AT cake

Here’s a side view that shows that detail of the legs. 

AT-AT cake

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Awesome AT-AT 5th Birthday Cake

AT-AT 5th Birthday Cake

Can you imagine having a cake this cool for your 5th birthday?  This amazing AT-AT cake was made by Jenni Muir.  The detail on the AT-AT is wonderful. 

The cake board looks like it is covered in snow, so that this cake is taking place on the ice planet Hoth.  All four legs have two circular joints where the legs move and the large round feet.  Two of “the knees” are bent as if the AT-AT was walking. 

AT-AT stands for All-Terrain Armored-Transport. If you look at the body, you can see plenty of doors and hatches that allow for transporting Imperial troops and light vehicles.

The front portion of the AT-AT with the blasters and laser cannons is terrific.  I’ve always thought that the AT-AT looks like some gigantic mechanical animal.  The big circle which the laser cannons are mounted on look a little like eyes.  The forward section is the head.  The transport area is the body.  The AT-AT even has four legs.  This cake does a wonderful job of making the AT-AT looks like an amazing gigantic mechanical beast.


AT-AT Birthday Cake

I think this AT-AT was transporting yummy Darth Vader and Stormtrooper cupcakes.


AT-AT Cake

I really like this photo because it shows the detail on the front of the AT-AT and the snow covered cake board.  The front viewport and side mounted laser cannons are terrific.

Watch Out Bad Piggies, The Angry Birds Have An AT-AT

Angry Birds Star Wars Cake

The Angry Birds have finally had enough of the Bad Piggies and purchased an AT-AT from the Empire.  They got it for a song.  After this battle, Dr. Suess will finally be able to answer the age old question does Sam-I-Am like Eggs and Green Ham?

This marvelous Angry Birds Star Wars Cake was made by Cupcakes and Dreams.  There is so much to love about this cake.  The figures of the Angry Birds version of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Chewbacca are wonderful.  There are also three Imperial Bad Piggies.  The detail on the Imperials is wonderful.  Two of them have a black eye just like in the game.  The other piggies is sitting on crate of dynamite which looks like it just beginning to explode.

The ground looks like snow.  There are even snowballs on the ground.  I love that there are pieces of wood scattered on the ground.  I’m guessing that they are the remains of other crates of dynamite which have blown up.

The star of the cake is the awesome AT-AT.  I love how it isn’t an AT-AT from The Empire Strikes Back.  Instead, it is the Angry Birds version of an AT-AT.  Looking at this cake made me realize that I’d love to see an Angry Birds Star Trek game.  Can you imagine an Angry Bird version of a Bird of Prey?



AT-AT Cake

Here is terrific view of the front of the AT-AT.  I like how it looks like Luke is driving the AT-AT while Han and Chewbacca are just along for the ride.




Bad Piggie

Here is a close-up of one of the Imperial piggies.



Angry Birds Cake

Here’s a top view of the AT-AT



Angry Birds Star Wars Cake

Here is a side view of the AT-AT’s front.  I really like how it has eyes and eye brows.