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Young Jedi Adventures Cookies

Young Jedi Adventures Cookies
Young Jedi Adventures Cookies

These wonderful Young Jedi Adventures Cookies were made by Sweet Hello Bakery. Patricia made them for an 8th birthday party. The characters included are Taborr, Nubs, Lys Solay, Yoda, Nash Durango, Kai Brightstar & RJ-83. The detail on each character is wonderful.


Young Jedi Adventures 8th Birthday Cookies

My kids haven’t been preschoolers in years, so I’ve only see the trailers for this animated series. I think my favorite character is Nubs, just because the idea of a teddy bear who is a young Jedi is so cute! 


May The Force Be With You Cookie

I really like this slightly angled photo, because it shows off the layers that Patricia used when creating these characters. When you look straight down on Yoda or Nubs, these layers aren’t as noticeable. Yoda is wearing a robe. His hands are in front of him and he is holding his wooden cane. At this angel, you can see that Yoda’s arms, hands and wooden cane are a separate layer on top of his robe. Likewise, you can see that Nubs’ cape, belt and lightsaber are separate layers.


Lightsaber Duel Cookie


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This Star Wars Puzzle Cake is amazing. The tiers of this cake rotate so that you can scramble and unscramble the images on the cake.

These two cakes of Yoda and Darth Vader fit together. When joined, Yoda and Darth Vader looking like they’re having a lightsaber duel. 

This Baby Yoda Pear Tart is too lovely to eat.

I’m also a massive Star Trek fan, so I adore these Star Wars / Star Trek Mash Up cookies. Where else will you find a tribble Chewbacca, Princess Uhura or a Klingon Darth Vader?