Star Wars & Star Trek Mashup Cookies

Star Wars & Star Trek Mashup Cookies
Star Wars & Star Trek Mashup Cookies

These awesome Star Wars & Star Trek Mashup Cookies were made by Klickitat Street.  I love Star Trek and Star Wars, so I think these are some of the coolest cookies I’ve ever seen.


Jedi Spock & Chekov Cookies
Jedi Spock & Chekov

Spock would make a great Jedi.  I can’t see Chekov as a Jedi.  He never seemed disciplined enough.  He’d go around telling everyone that the Russian’s discovered the Force and invented Midi-chlorians.


Kirk/Han Solo & Tribble Chewbacca Cookies
Kirk/Han Solo & Tribble Chewbacca

The idea of having Kirk as Han Solo is brilliant!  I love the tribble Chewbacca.


Scotty/C-3PO & McCoy/R2-D2 Cookies
Scotty/C-3PO & McCoy/R2-D2

Scotty is C-3PO and McCoy is R2-D2. I think I’d have flipped these two. R2-D2 seems to be the droid who fixes things. R2-D2 and McCoy both love to complain. 


Princess Uhura Cookie
Princess Uhura

I love this cookie! Princess Uhura is such a great mashup.


Sulu X-Wing Pilot Cookie
Sulu X-Wing Pilot

Sulu would make a great X-wing pilot.


Klingon Darth Vader Cookie
Klingon Darth Vader

I saved the best for last.  I LOVE this Klingon Darth Vader Cookie.