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Captain America Chocolate Covered Strawberries


These Captain America Chocolate-Covered Strawberries feature strawberries with Captain America’s face, his shield, and the front of his costume.  These strawberries were made by Sugar Fiend.  The first strawberry has  red and white stripes at the bottom and a blue top with a white star.  It reminds me of his costume front.  The middle strawberry Cap’s face covered by his mask. Also the third strawberry is covered in blue colored chocolate. It has a fondant version of his shield on the front.

Since tomorrow is the 4th of July I wanted to feature these two sets of  patriotic strawberries.

Captain America Shield Strawberries

In addition these Captain-America-ChocolateCovered-Strawberries feature strawberries with his shield, and blue chocolate covered strawberries with white stripes and red dots. These strawberries were made by Neys Sweet Treats.   Also Cap’s shield looks like it was made using chocolate.  

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