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Who’d Win: Captain America vs. Batman?

Captain America Cupcakes

Batman Cupcakes

Hundred and Thousands Cupcakes made these gorgeous Batman and Captain America Cupcakes.  These cupcakes got me thinking – If Captain America and Batman fought, who’d win?

Both are masters of hand to hand combat.  While Batman is amazing, Captain America fought in World War II and has the super-soldier serum in his veins.  Advantage – Captain America

Both are amazing strategists.  Captain America fights fair, but Batman doesn’t have as many rules as Cap.  Slight Advantage – Batman.

Cap is famous for his shield, while Batman is famous for his utility belt.  I was about to award the advantage to Captain America when I realized that Batman also has the Batmobile, the Tumbler, the Bat Tank, the Batcycle, the Batplane, the Batcopter… Advantage – Batman.

Captain America would be one of the toughest opponents Batman ever faced. With his shield and enhanced strength and reflexes, Captain America would have a tiny edge in hand to hand combat.  But in the end, Batman’s ingenuity and endless supply of devices and vehicles would give Batman the edge.  Captain America vs. Batman would be extremely close, but I’d have to declare Batman the winner.

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