Fintastic Nemo & Dory Cakesicles

Nemo Cakesicle

Finding Nemo Cakesicle

Sweet Endings by Lulu makes some of the nicest cakesicles around.  Here is her wonderful cakesicle of Nemo.  The detail on Nemo is great, he even has one fin smaller than the other.  I also really like the way Lulu staged this photograph.  Nemo is above shells or coral, there are two air bubbles beside Nemo, and the background is ocean blue.


Dory Cakesicle

Dory Cakesicle

Here is Dory. My favorite part of Dory is her eyes. The are so big and expressive.

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Cute Hello Kitty Easter Cakesicles

Hello Kitty Easter Cakesicle

Cute Hello Kitty Easter Cakesicles

These cute Hello Kitty Easter Cakesicles  are pink and white and feature her wearing bunny ears and holding easter eggs.

These wonderful cakesicles were made by Unforgedible_art

Hello Kitty Easter Cakesicle

Firstly, wafer paper was used to make the bunny ears. The flowers are rolled.

Secondly, Cadbury mini eggs are used as the eggs and are attached below her head. 

Easter Hello Kitty Cakesicle

In addition, I like the way everything is light pink and white. It makes them look cute and dainty.

Furthermore, the pink bow in her hair matches the pink color of the cakesicle.

In addition, if you look carefully you can see glitter behind Hello Kitty on this cakesicle.

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Magical Alice In Wonderland Cakesicles

Alice in Wonderland Cakesicles

These wonderful Alice in Wonderland Cakesicles were made by Lulu Cakes. They feature Alice, The White Rabbit, The Mad Hatter, and the Cheshire Cat. While all of these are absolutely terrific, my favorite is the White Rabbit. He has his jacket, bow ties, spectacles, and bunny ears.  The amount of detail on each character is amazing.

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Wicked Cool Disney Villain Cakesicles

Disney Villain Cakesicles

These wonderful Disney Villain Cakesicles were made by Giovanna Favarati.  They feature the Evil Queen, Maleficent, Cruella de Vil and Ursula. The detail on each villain is wonderful. Ursula has squid tentacles, Cruella is wearing a fur coat, Maleficent is wearing her horned headpiece, and the Queen has a crown.  These are such terrific cakesicles. I’m always amazed that sweet treats like these aren’t sold at the Disney theme parks.