Monsters, Inc.

Mike and Sulley Cookie

Mike and Sulley cookie

Monsters, Inc. Cookie

This Mike and Sulley Cookie has a hand-painted drawing of both of these Disney Monsters, Inc. characters.

This wonderful cookie was made by Glazur Bakery.

Sulley and Mike Wazowski are together again on the Monsters, Inc. Cookies. I like the way these cookies portray these 2 as best friends. It nicely represents them.  Mike is smiling and Sulley is propping on Mike’s head.

In addition, I like the way Sulley’s hair is represented by the lines in multiple shades of blue and purple on this terrific Mike and Sulley Cookie.

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Adorable Boo cake topper

Marvelous Monsters, Inc. Cake with Mike and Boo’s Door

Monsters Inc Cake with More and Boos Door

Monsters, Inc. Cake with Mike Wazowski and Boo’s Door

This Marvelous Monsters, Inc. Cake has a terrific 3-D representation of Mike Wazowski and Boo’s Door. I love the way the door is balanced on one corner and Mike is balanced on the door while a cat has jumped onto his head.

This wonderful cake was made by Pratika Lyer Art. She made this wonderful Monsters, Inc. cake as the final project of Mike’s Amazing Cakes two week class. 

Can you believe it? Boo’s Door and Mike are both cake.  Wow!  This is one amazing cake.

It looks like Mike is afraid of the cat on his head and has climbed on top of the door to get away from it.

Spooktacular Monsters, Inc. Cake Pops

Monsters, Inc. Cake Pops

These spooktacular Monsters, Inc. Cake Pops featuring Mike and Sulley were made by Sweetly Dipped Confections.  The detail on these is wonderful. Mike has a single giant green eye, his mouth is open, and you can see his bottom teeth. Sulley looks like he is covered in blue fur with little splotches of purple. He has a blue eyes and a dark blue nose.


Monsters, Inc. 3rd Birthday Cake Pops

Here is the full set which was made for a lucky kid’s 3rd birthday party. The matching blue and green 3rd birthday cake pops are a really nice touch.

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