These Mulan Cakesicles Are Amazing!

Mulan Cakesicles

Mulan is one of my favorite movies, so when I saw these cakesicles, I had to share them.  These Mulan Cakesicle were made by Shaun Teo Creations.  They feature eight different characters – Little Brother, Mulan, Li Shang, Khan, the Matchmaker, Mushu, Shan Yu & Cri-Kee. I love the variety of characters and how each has their own unique design. These are absolutely wonderful!

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Fabulous Frozen Funko Pop Cakesicles

Frozen Funko Pop Cakesicles

These fabulous Frozen Cakesicles were made by the absolutely amazing Sweet Endings by Lulu. These adorable cakesicles are based on Funko Pops of Anna, Elsa, and Olaf.

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The Wisdom of Yoda & Darth Vader!

Yoda Cakesicle

Mommy’s Sandy Kitchen makes amazing cakesicles.  When I saw these these Yoda and Darth Vader cakesciles paired with quotes, I had to share them.


Darth Vader Cakesicle

While Yoda’s quote is from Revenge of the Sith, I don’t think Darth Vader’s quote comes from any movie. Instead, I think it comes from this hilarious meme!  The inspirational quote itself is from author Michael P. Watson.


Darth Vader, Philantropist

Terrific Disney Princess Cakesicles

Disney Princess Cakesicles

These terrific Disney Princess Cakesicles were made by Shaun Teo Creations. They feature Pocahontas, Jasmine, Snow White, Ariel, Elsa, Belle, Mulan, and Rapunzel.  The detail on each Princess’ hair and outfit is fantastic.


Disney Princess Cakesicles

I think these show my cakesicles are become popular. While cakesicles are reminiscent of cake pops, since both are cake on a stick, they allow you a large surface area to decorate.  I cannot image Disney Princess Cake Pops with this level of detail on the hair and outfits.

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