Terrific Disney Princess Cakesicles

Disney Princess Cakesicles

These terrific Disney Princess Cakesicles were made by Shaun Teo Creations. They feature Pocahontas, Jasmine, Snow White, Ariel, Elsa, Belle, Mulan, and Rapunzel.  The detail on each Princess’ hair and outfit is fantastic.


Disney Princess Cakesicles

I think these show my cakesicles are become popular. While cakesicles are reminiscent of cake pops, since both are cake on a stick, they allow you a large surface area to decorate.  I cannot image Disney Princess Cake Pops with this level of detail on the hair and outfits.

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Amazing Sesame Street Cakesicles

Sesame Street Cakesicles

Sesame Street Cakesicles

These amazing Sesame Street Cakesicles were made bySweet Endings by Lulu.  They feature Big Bird, Ernie, Cookie Monster, and Elmo.  These are the most detailed cakesicles I’ve ever seen.  My favorite of this set is Big Bird because his face is amazing. He is so detailed that you can see the feathers on his face.  I also really like how Cookie Monster’s hands are reaching up to hold a cookie to his mouth.  These cakesicles are absolutely wonderful!

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Adorable Finding Nemo Cakesicles

Nemo Cakesicle

Finding Nemo Cakesicle

Sweet Endings by Lulu makes some of the nicest cakesicles around.  Here is her wonderful cakesicle of Nemo.  The detail on Nemo is great, he even has one fin smaller than the other.  I also really like the way Lulu staged this photograph.  Nemo is above shells or coral, there are two air bubbles beside Nemo, and the background is ocean blue.


Dory Cakesicle

Dory Cakesicle

Here is Dory. My favorite part of Dory is her eyes. The are so big and expressive.

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