Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland  –  90+ terrific cakes and cookies made by top bakers from around the world. These feature Alice, The Mad Hatter, The White Rabbit and his pocket watch, the Queen of Hearts, and others.

Many cakes are from the class Disney movie.

Others are from the Tim Burton movie.

Several cakes feature the Mad Hatter’s Hat.

In Addition many Alice in Wonderland cakes are hand-painted and others have terrific fondant figures of the characters.

Several cakes are multiple tiers.

Furthermore, there are some terrific cake pops.

Moreover, the Cheshire Cat makes a terrific cake.

If Addition, if you just want Mad Hatter, check out these Mad Hatter Cakes.

Funko Pop Queen of Hearts Cake

Funko Pop Queen of Hearts Cake

This Funko Pop Queen of Hearts Cake has a cake board with black and white squares to look like a chess board.

This wonderful cake was made by Julie Rogerson.

This cake is part of the Funko Pop Cake collaboration by Sugar Junkies Collaborations.

This Alice in Wonderland Funko Pop cake is based on the live action movie.

She has red hair and is wearing a gold crown. Her lips are in the shape of a red heart.

funko Pop Queen of Heart Cake

Her dress has gold hearts on the front and match the gold crown.  The hearts on the front were simplified down to 3 to hi light them.

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Alice Painting Roses Red Cake  

Alice in Wonderland Cake  with the Queen of hearts under glass.


Marvelous Alice in Wonderland Tiered Cake

Alice in Wonderland Cake

This marvelous Alice in Wonderland Cake is a tiered cake featuring Alice, the White rabbit, the Queen of hearts, and the Mad Hatter. 

This wonderful cake was made by Amandas Little Cake Boutique.

Alice in Wonderland Cake

Alice is sitting in a teacup on top of the cake. Her eyes are brown to match the color of the birthday girl’s eyes. The teacup looks like it was made using gumpaste.  It is thin to look like a delicate china cup.  A gold key is beside the teacup.

I like the gold lock on the cake layer below that is a match for the gold key. Long blades of green grass are beside it.


Alice in Wonderland Cake

The middle of the cake is a glass bowl with the fondant figures of Queen of Hearts and the White Rabbit inside.

The bottom tier is light blue with a gold gate in front. Gray steps lead up to the gate. Flowers with faces are on either side of the steps. Long green grass blades are beside the gate.  They match the ones on the tier above and tie them together.

Both tiers are light blue. 

The Mad Hatter is beside the cake, holding an empty desert plate in his hand.

All of the figures on this cake look terrific and are modeled after Disney’s Alice in Wonderland animated movie characters.

Tracey at Little Cherry Cake Company made a nice tutorial on how to use a glass bowl separator.


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Superb Alice in Wonderland Chocolate Easter Egg

Alice in Wonderland Chocolate Easter Egg

Superb Alice in Wonderland Chocolate Easter Egg

This Superb Alice in Wonderland Chocolate Easter Egg features red roses and playing cards to represent the Queen of Hearts.

In addition, the egg is painted like wood and the door is wood.  Tiny wood planks make up the door design. It has a sign saying Welcome to Wonderland.

Moreover the door handle has the eyes and nose as a door knob, just like in the Disney animated movie.   

This wonderful chocolate Easter egg was made by Sweet Art By Kat


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Terrific Mad Hatter Cake

Mad Hatter Cake

This Terrific Mad Hatter Cake was made by Le Torte DecorArte.

I like the way he is represented with this multi-tiered cake.

The top tier of the cake is shaped to look like the Mad Hatter’s Hat. It is green with an orange band and a gold feather. The card in his hat has the birthday name and age.

The middle tier is an off white with a head and face sculpted from sugar paste on the front. The details of the face are terrific.

The bottom tier is light purple. It has a sugar paste version of his brown jack on the front of this tier.

A black bowtie with yellow, blue, and pink flowers is between the head and the jacket.

The cake board is a checkered pattern of black and white diamonds.

Mad Hatter Cake

Mad Hatter Cake

Mad Hatter Cake

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To see more, check out these amazing  Alice In Wonderland Cakes and Cookies.