Alice In Wonderland’s House

Alice in Wonderland's House
Alice in Wonderland’s House

What if when Alice visited Wonderland, instead of having a horrible experience, she lived happily ever after? That’s the premise of this charming cake of Alice’s House in Wonderland by Tahmina Cake Art.

Alice’s house look like a large baby blue mushroom. The stalk is light brown and the top is baby blue with white spots. There is an archway, front door, windows, and little pipes sticking out of the roof.

Alice is in the yard hugging the White Rabbit. The Cheshire Cat and the Caterpillar who is smoking his hookah pipe are also in the yard. There are also plants, mushrooms that look like the house, playing cards and a pocket watch.

Everyone on this cake looks so happy and peaceful.


Close-up of Alice

Here is a close-up of Alice hugging the White Rabbit. The detail is amazing. Alice is wearing her usual blue and white dress. Her apron has the playing cards suits on it. Alice has long blond hair tied up with a black bow. She has her eyes closed and is smiling while hugging the White Rabbit. The White Rabbit is looking at Alice and smiling. He has on his usual black pants, red jacket and blue frilly collar. Alice and the White Rabbit’s facial expressions give this cake such a peaceful feeling. You can’t help look at this cake and smile.

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