Alice in Wonderland

Fabulous Vintage Blue and Red Twin Alice In Wonderland Cakes

Alice In Wonderland Cake Alice In Wonderland Cake 6

These Fabulous Vintage Alice In Wonderland Cakes were made by Little Cherry Cake Company. She did a red and a blue version of this elegant cake.

Alice In Wonderland Cake  

This Alice In Wonderland Cake has a diamond shaped harlequin pattern at the bottom of the cake.  The White Rabbit’s gold pocket watch is at the bottom of the cake. There is a large red rose and smaller white rose at the other side of the cake.  There are two gold hearts near the roses. There is an ornate gold trim border at the top of the cake layer.

The middle layer has sketches of the Mad Hatter, Alice, and the Cheshire Cat.  The top of this cake layer is red.

The next layer up is white. It has an gold ornate lock in the middle of the cake layer. There is a gold border at the bottom of the cake layer.

The top layer of the cake is red with gold edible lace around it. There ia a red and white rose with gold hearts at the bottom of this cake layer.

At the top of the cake is an edible white tea cup with gold trim. There is a white and red rose with gold hearts inside the tea cup.  This tea cup reminds me of the tea Alice had at the Unbirthday Party.

There are red and white polka-dot mushrooms on the cake.

The red and white on this cake remind me of the red and white roses of the Queen of Hearts.

Alice In Wonderland Cake 6

This Blue Alice In Wonderland Cake was based on the bride’s blue, white, and gold wedding stationary pattern which had illustrations from Alice In Wonderland, and a harlequin pattern.

Alice In Wonderland Cake

The gold key that fits the gold lock is resting in the saucer of the tea cup. 

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