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This Amazing Alice In Wonderland Cake Will Have You Seeing Circles

Alice In Wonderland Cake

Wow!!!  This absolutely stunning Alice in Wonderland Cake looks like two round cakes stood sideways and balancing on each other.  The bottom round cake has a teacup balanced on it.  The top round cake has a bottle on it.  The bottle has tipped over and its contents are pouring into the teacup bellow.  This is one of the nicest gravity defying cakes I’ve seen.

The painting on the cake and cake board is terrific! The top cake has the Queen of Hearts and her playing card soldiers. Did you know that in the book, the suit of the playing cards determine what role they played?  Spades were gardeners, clubs were soldiers, diamonds were courtiers, and hearts were members of the royal family. A flamingo and hedgehog (i.e. a croquet mallet and ball) are also painted on the cake.

The bottom cake has Alice, the White Rabbit, The Mad Hatter, and the Cheshire Cat painted on it.

The cake board has red roses painted on it.


Alice In Wonderland Cake

Here are more views of this gorgeous cake.  I really like the photograph taken from above the cake.  It shows how amazing complex this cake is.


Alice In Wonderland Cake

Unfortunately, I do not know who made this masterpiece.  If you know, please tell me in the comments bellow.  I would really like to give the baker credit for this absolutely stunning cake.

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