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Mario Meets Pokémon Cookies

Mario Meets Pokémon Cookies
Mario Meets Pokémon Cookies

These cute Mario Meets Pokémon Cookies were made by Henri’s Late Night Bake Shoppe. They feature Mario, Luigi, Toad, Ash Ketchum, Pikachu and Charmander. My two favorite cookies are the ones where Pikachu is dressed as Mario and Luigi.


Mario Cookies

Here are Mario, Toad and Luigi. I like the starburst background on these cookies. It really helps the characters stand out.


Pikachu, Ash Ketchum throwing a Poké Ball and Charmander


Mario & Pokémon Mashup Cookies

These cookies of Pikachu dressed as Mario and Luigi are adorable.

These cool cookies got me thinking about a Pokémon visits Mario World video game. It would be hard to mash up these two beloved franchises, but if it was done well, it could be so much fun.

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One of my favorite cakes ever mixes Doctor Who with Tigger and Piglet.

This Jack Sparrow / Jack Skellington Mash-up is wonderful. Every Christmas, Disney updated The Haunted Mansion to have a Nightmare Before Christmas theme. This makes me want to ride a Nightmare Before Christmas themed Pirates of the Caribbean.

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