This Pilgrim Snoopy Cake Wishes You A Happy Thanksgiving!

Pilgrim Snoopy Cake
Pilgrim Snoopy Cake


This wonderful Pilgrim Snoopy Cake was made by Luiz Toledo Bolos & Confeitaria. Luiz made it to celebrate a baby’s 10th month. It was Dulce de leche cake with nuts.

It features a terrific topper of Snoopy dressed as a pilgrim. At his feet are pumpkins, an orange, corn, grapes and mushrooms. At the base of the cake is more produce including an orange, a barrel of apples, a pear, a mushroom and a pumpkin.

There is a Happy Thanksgiving sign on the front of the cake. Fall colored bunting hangs above Snoopy.

I really like the how this cake uses the colors of fall. The cake is a light brown and beige with a slightly darker brown grain to it. Beige is such a hard color to pull off well, but for this cake it works terrifically. Much of the produce is light brown and beige. The Happy Thanksgiving sign is a dark orange. The bunting is dark shades of brown, red and orange. Since Snoopy is dressed as a pilgrim, he is also dressed in dark brown. All these fall colors blend together so well.

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