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Awesome Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Cookies

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Cookies

These marvelous Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Cookies were made by Sugared Hearts Bakery.  As you can probably tell from my posts this month, I’m a big Peanuts fan.  I’ve always liked A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. It is about the only classic Thanksgiving TV special I can think of.  These cookies do a wonderful job recreating moments from it.. 

These terrific cookies feature:

Woodstock standing on a pumpkin and wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

Snoopy dressed as a pilgrim. In one cookie, he is just wearing a hat.  In the other, he has a more complete outfit. 

Snoopy, dressed as a chef, jumping in the air.

Chef Snoopy with a freshly cooked Thanksgiving Turkey.  You can even see the heat radiating from the Turkey.

A full length picture Charlie Brown

Two cookies depicting the true fall classic.  The first cookie shows Charlie Brown flying through the air and screaming “Aughh!” because Lucy has just pulled the football away.  The second cookie shows a grinning Lucy looking down at Charlie Brown who is laying on the ground.


Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Cookies


I think my favorite cookies in this set are the ones with Charlie Brown trying to kick the football.  The thing I like about these cookies is that both cookies make perfect sense by themselves.  If you see just one of these cookies, you know exactly what happened.  But they also work perfect together.  As great as these two cookies are separately, they’ve even better together.

I assume these great cookies are meant to be served with two slices of buttered toast, and a handful each of pretzel sticks, popcorn, and jelly beans?



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