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Voltron Defends A Gingerbread Universe

Voltron Cake

This Marvelous Gingerbread Voltron was made by Gonzuala of Kupcake Tree Cakes for the Gingerbread LOVE Collaboration. One can imagine gingerbread Lions forming into a gingerbread Voltron, defender of the Universe.

Voltron fans will remember this quote from Keith: “Form feet and legs! Form arms and torso! And I’ll form the head!”  

Five space cadets are sent from Earth to Arus to protect Princess Allura and her subjects from Zarkon, the evil emperor from planet Doom. Zarkon would send Ro-Beasts, a giants monster to conquer Arus and the rest of the galaxy. In order to fight Ro-beasts, the five space cadets combine into Voltron, Defender of the Universe.

Commander Keith pilots the Black Lion that becomes the torso and the head of Voltron.

Lance pilots the Red Lion and becomes the right arm of Voltron.

Pidge pilots the Green Lion and becomes the left arm of Voltron.

Sven pilots the Blue Lion becomes Voltron’s right leg.

Hunk pilots the Yellow Lion that becomes Voltron’s left leg. 

Transformers Cake

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