Terrific Transformer Cupcakes

Transformer Cupcakes

These terrific Transformer Cupcakes were made by OC’s Kitchen.   These cupcakes feature Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. My favorite part of these cupcakes is that you have the Autobots in both states – as robots and as vehicles.  So you have Bumblebee and the yellow sports car, plus Otptimus Prime and his blue 18 wheeler cab. Having the characters in both forms really make these cupcakes stand out.

Voltron Defends A Gingerbread Universe

Voltron Cake

This Marvelous Gingerbread Voltron was made by Gonzuala of Kupcake Tree Cakes for the Gingerbread LOVE Collaboration. One can imagine gingerbread Lions forming into a gingerbread Voltron, defender of the Universe.

Voltron fans will remember this quote from Keith: “Form feet and legs! Form arms and torso! And I’ll form the head!”  

Five space cadets are sent from Earth to Arus to protect Princess Allura and her subjects from Zarkon, the evil emperor from planet Doom. Zarkon would send Ro-Beasts, a giants monster to conquer Arus and the rest of the galaxy. In order to fight Ro-beasts, the five space cadets combine into Voltron, Defender of the Universe.

Commander Keith pilots the Black Lion that becomes the torso and the head of Voltron.

Lance pilots the Red Lion and becomes the right arm of Voltron.

Pidge pilots the Green Lion and becomes the left arm of Voltron.

Sven pilots the Blue Lion becomes Voltron’s right leg.

Hunk pilots the Yellow Lion that becomes Voltron’s left leg. 

Transformers Cake

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This Optimus Prime Cake Really Transforms!!!

Ready to have you mind completely blown?

I’ve featured some terrific Optimus Prime cakes in the past, but nothing like this mindboggling cake.  This Transformers cake talks and actually transforms!!!  Watch the video, it is amazing.

This stunning cake was made by Russell Munro and his wife.  On his blog, Russell has written a post explaining in great detail how he made this amazing cake transform.

It started off innocently enough, Russell’s son asked for a Transformers cake for his birthday.  Russell had the wild idea of making a Transformer cake that actually transformed.  He decided from the start that he didn’t want to build a machine and cover it in cake.  He wanted the cake to be cake. 

With this impossible challenge ahead of him, Russell began sketching out ideas while riding the train to and from work.  After two months of brainstorming and sketching, Russell had enough worked out that he could begin modeling his idea in CAD software.

Have you ever seen those dolls that have wires in them?  When you push the button underneath them, they fall down.  When you let go of the button, they stand up again.  That’s the basic idea behind Russell’s amazing transforming cake stand.  There are small motors hidden in the cake stand that apply tension to wires and belts.  If that isn’t space age enough for you, Russell had most of the parts of the cake stand 3-D printed with food safe materials.

The first few times I watched this video, I was so awestruck that I missed something crucial.  The truck doesn’t just break into three pieces and stand up.  The front cab also transforms.  The two sides of the cab become Optimus Prime’s arms and his head pops up.  To do this, the cake stand has multiple motors, wires, and belts.  One set transforms the body and the other transforms the head. The timing of the motors and the playing of Optimus Prime’s speech was controlled by an Arduino Programmable Circuit Board.

Russell didn’t realize how heavy cake and fondant were, so a portion of the cab was replaced with Styrofoam and the fondant had to be extremely thin.  Russell’s wife made the cake and had to simplify her original design because it would have weighed too much.  As you saw in the video above, when showtime came, the cake was AMAZING!!! Both Russell and his wife deserve a round of applause. 

Want to see the cake stand in action?  Thankfully, Russell has posted two videos of the motorized cake stand.


This video shows the front of the cake stand in action without any cake.



This video shows the back of the cake stand in action.