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Cute Charlie Brown Halloween Cake and Cookies

Charlie Brown Halloween Cake and Cookies

These cute Snoopy Cake and Charlie Brown Halloween Cookies were made by Sugar Ranch Cookies & Cakes.  This Halloween Cake features Snoopy’s head sticking out of a Jack O’Lantern. He has the top of the pumpkin on his head. Around the cake are cookies that look like footballs, fall leaves, and pumpkins.


Charlie Brown Halloween Cookies

I love the cookie with Snoopy scaring Charlie Brown. I really like how the pumpkin in the cookie is the same pumpkin as the cake.

Here are close-ups of these wonderful cookies.



Charlie Brown in a pumpkin patch
Charlie Brown In A Pumpkin Patch
I got a rock
I Got A Rock
Lucy Pulling Football Away
Lucy Pulls The Football Away
Snoopy and Lucy bobbing for apples
I’ve Been Kissed By A Dog! I Have Dog Germs!
Snoopy and Woodstock in a Jack O'Lantern
Snoopy And Woodstock In A Jack O’Lantern
Welcome Great Pumpkin
Welcome Great Pumpkin

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