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Adorable Charlie Brown Halloween 1st Birthday Cookies

Charlie Brown Halloween Cookies

These adorable Charlie Brown Halloween 1st Birthday Cookies were made by Sugarmoon Cookies. These cookies do a wonderful job of mixing a 1st birthday with the Halloween classic – It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.


Charlie Brown Halloween Birthday Cookie

Here are Sally and her sweet babboo waiting for the great pumpkin. Notice the sign says “Happy Birthday Logan”.


Charlie Brown Halloween Cookies 2

Snoopy Cookies

I really like these silhouettes of the World War I flying ace with the phrase “Great Pumpkin Believer Since 2018”.


Snoopy Cookie Pops

Shannon made matching Snoopy Cookie Pops.


I Got A Rock

I got a rock!


Charlie Brown T-Shirt Cookies

Charlie Brown’s T-Shirt


Halloween 1st Birthday Cookies

These 1st Birthday Halloween Cookies are fantastic!


Halloween 1st Birthday Cookie

Great Pumpkin Cookies 2

Last, but definitely not least, Shannon made these great Pumpkin cookies with birthday messages on them.


Great Pumpkin Cookies

Great Pumpkin Cookie


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